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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Science and religion

Philaskolia at Ars Theologica (a fave of mine) has a great post on Science and Religion. What gets me is the hubris of those evangelicals who promote creationism and their own take on intelligent design. There is an old adage that those who don't learn from history are condemned to repeat it. I believe this will happen to them and their pseudo-scientific dogmas over time. Beyond this, lies two things in refusing to take on board the Catholic experience with Galileo. Firstly, bigotry. Many of these evangelicals would not acknowledge Catholics as truly converted nor that they are truly Christian. Secondly, the evangelical sense of of history seems connected only to the English speaking world since the seventeenth century.

Philaskolia, please note, draws a connection to the economic welfare of the US and declares it is heading towards a future where America becomes "Wal-Mart writ large". Where does this leave Australia - particularly when the Federal Minister for Education considers intelligent design an educational option? Considering how Woolworths takes much note of what Wal-Mart does and that it has, over the years, former Wal-Mart executives acting as consultants - I guess Australia will become Woolworths writ large.